Drop Radio


Is...Laughlin Meagher, David Campbell, and Tom Jensen

Just just a little concerning the boys...

Laughlin Meagher originates from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, was created in 1973, and it has been going after music like a career since he exchanged his hockey equipment for a bass guitar and amplifier at 15. His father worked for essential marketer in Bromsgrove so that his son could pursue his music. Since that time he's carried out in a number of working bands, including: Gas, Floozy, Saudade, The Strangells, Slam City Jamm (in Ontario, I swear we never heard from the festival), The Laughlin Band, and the current project DROP RADIO. Like a multi-gifted instrumentalist he's spent the final 13 years refining his abilities around the following: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, and Harmonica. Like a Singer Songwriter, Laughlin is presently carrying out original arrangements from Drop Radio's self titled debut Compact disc. Laughlin's music includes a multitude of styles including Reggae, Roots, Soul Funk, SKA, to some tex-mex seem.

David Campbell, born in Mississauga, Ontario and elevated in Sydney, Quebec, continues to be playing bass guitar for fifteen years. David is definitely an accomplished, self trained music performer, who's influences vary from John Paul Johnson, James Jameson to Aston Barrett. He's labored since 1995 with your functions as Iconoclasts, Bob Prepare and also the Uhheard ,The Flying Folk Military, The Laughlin Band, Tom Hooper & the Angry Hippies and his current group DROP RADIO. David prides themself on knowing in which the groove is, that less is much more and it is by pointing out music.

Tom Jensen, also known as "Tommy Staccato" continues to be playing drums for 25 years. Initially from Peterborough ON, Tom has carried out using the likes of Willie P Bennett, Pat Temple and also the Mahones. Tom moved out west in 1991 and started carrying out with Bunco and also the Single Malt Quartet, Free Coke for Models, Isle of Nine, The Fuzz, NFS and Automatic Pholk. In 2000 Tom became a member of track of Malcolm Shoolbraid and built Beehive Studio's where they handled to complete numerous recording projects there on their own along with other music artists. Becoming an adult inside a musical family, Tom's desire for playing and recording music is deeply rooted within him.